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Kathy Kennedy LeaMaster

Performing arts, Visual arts

Actor, Director, Painter, Fiber artist

Artist member since


My art story

I am a local artist who has always enjoyed “dabbling” in the creative arts. Now that I am retired, I am free to dive into the things I truly enjoy: painting, sewing, singing, pottery, and theater.

Fiber art

My Northwest wildlife fiber art pieces begin with a blank canvas. I use fabric paint and red clay slip from my pottery studio to splatter an abstract background. I never quite know what I’ll get.

I then apply fabrics to represent an animal with all its highlights and shadows. I prioritize the value and patterns of the fabric more than the colors.

Finally, I use thread to “paint” the details—each feather, each wrinkle, each eyeball—until I feel I have captured the spirit of the animal.


I absolutely love playing in mud! I'm fortunate to be able to create in my Dallas pottery studio. I love to combine form and function to create items that are both useful and beautiful. Need a peice of pottery and can't find just the right piece? Send me a note. I'm always up for a challenge!

Theater arts

I've been involved in dozens theater productions in the Portland area, Willamette Valley, and north Oregon coast. I've worked backstage and onstage as an actor and singer. But I enjoy the challenge of directing most of all.


I also paint, mostly watercolor. I used to live on the Oregon Coast and really enjoy capturing the color and magic of light as it skips across the water or filters through the forest canopy. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I never tire of trying to translate that beauty.




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