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Meet the Board of Directors

Dallas Arts Association Performing Arts Committee

"Dallas On Stage" is the performing arts branch of the Dallas Arts Association. These talented individuals work together to develop and promote exciting opportunities for the entire community to enjoy.


Performing Arts Team members:

  • Marlene Cox 

  • Denice Friesen

  • Terie Kester

  • Kathy LeaMaster

  • Eddie (Edwina) Nelson

  • Richard Nosiglia

  • Greg Tackett

  • YOUR name here!

Dallas Arts Association Visual Arts Committee

The Arts Association's Visual Arts Committee celebrates creative art like painting, sculpture, and film. Our team strives to provide resources and support for artists to showcase their work and pursue their creative passions.

Visual Arts Team members:

  • Joan Scherf

  • Kathy LeaMaster

  • YOUR name here!

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